Hardware Package 05 (Meat Market)

Hardware Package 05 (Meat Market)

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TOUCH 17" POS (DP-S17L) (Recommended for Grocery Store/Meat Market)

INTEL i5 Processor



256GB M.2 SSD

NCR Scanner/Scale or DataLogic Scanner/Scale (Integrated)

APG T320 Cash Drawer High Performance

Epson TM-T88 80MM Receipt Printer

1 Year Warranty

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Features and Specs

Touch 15

Model DP#-AP2

Intel i5 Processor 2.3Ghz

Windows 7/10 Pro Ram: 4GB SSD: 64GB

Built-in 80MM Receipt Printer

Full Size COMM Based

Built-in 15 Inch Customer Screen

D-POS Scanner Pro 2D/QR Scanner


APG T320 BL 1616 5 Draw/5 Coin

RJ11 CD 101A

1 Year